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Irina Chuvashova
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Department of Physics
College of Arts, Sciences & Education
Florida International University
11200 SW 8th Street, CP234
Miami, Florida 33199
United States of America

Work: irina.chuvashova(at)
Personal: irina.chuvashova(at)

Phone: 305.348.5095
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2017   Ph.D. in materials science, Laboratory of Crystallography, University of Bayreuth, Germany
2014   Diploma in Science, Inorganic Chemistry Division, Chemistry Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russian Federation

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Current group
Group photo, January 2024.
From left to right: Dennis, Daniela, Zain, Jose, Daniel, Hannah, Ethan, Dr. Chuvashova, Olga, Lia, Rafael, Ernesto, Melanie, James

Graduate students

  • Olga Ibragimova
    Olga Ibragimova is a graduate student in Chemistry and Biochemistry Department since Summer semester 2022. Her research work is focused on creating new optical materials based on rare earth borates. Olga got her Ms degree in Chemistry from Lomonosov Moscow State University as a nanobiothechnologist that allows her to apply the wide range of knowledge of different area to solve the direct problems in material science.
    She also had an experience as a founder and leader of technology startups that attracted the funds from national funds and private companies.
  • Zain Hussein
    Zain Hussein is a graduate student in the Department of Physics since the Fall of 2023. His research is focused on studying the metastability and thermal conductivity of Rare-Earth borides at extreme conditions. In his free time, Zain enjoys exercising, watching various sitcoms, and playing video games.
  • Ernesto Carvajal
    Ernesto Carvajal is a graduate student in the Chemistry Department since the Fall of 2023. The driving force for his love of the subject is knowing that there are no inconsequential steps during a long journey. He understands that there is much left undone in the journey that is ensuring the planet that we all partake in becomes a sustainable one. He believes that the slow and steady increase in the Research and Development of technologies, such as EV batteries, solar cells and renewable fuels will pave the way towards a net-zero carbon future for the automotive industry. Though this may interfere with his passion for various motorsport series.

  • Rafael Loriga
    Rafael Loriga is a graduate student in the Chemistry Department since the Fall of 2023. He is a dedicated scientist fascinated by the wonders of space since childhood. His desire is ignited to produce new materials under extreme conditions using large volume presses with a purpose to capture and analyze spectra from space. This pushes him to new scientific boundaries with varying pressures and temperatures, giving new depth for a materials property while focusing on electrical conductivity.

Undergraduate students

  • Lia Vaquero
    Lia Vaquero is currently a senior pursuing a BA in chemistry. Her research area is in materials suitable for solar cells by understanding inorganic complexes at high pressures, one step closer to combat the energy crisis. She aspires to continue her passion for material science into graduate school starting in Fall 2024.
  • Hannah Truong
    Hannah Truong is currently a freshman pursuing a BS in Biological Sciences and a BA in Natural and Applied Sciences. Hannah has been researching under Dr. Chuvashova’s guidance since she participated in FIU’s Summer Research Internship Program in 2022. With a strong love for the sciences, Hannah aspires to uncover the mysteries of Rare-Earth elements one discovery at a time. She is ready to tackle any obstacle and grow with the Chuvashova Lab team. Hannah hopes to become a doctor in the future.
  • Daniel Alberto Garcia
    Daniel Alberto Garcia is a freshman pursuing a BS in General Chemistry. He has been interested in the field since he was young, and once he was opened up to it through public education, he felt the desire to continue his interest by working with Dr. Chuvashova. Originally, he worked as a Summer Research Intern with Florida International University, coming from TERRA Environmental Research Institute as a high school junior. As a college student, he is now continuing his research with the lab and aspires to continue his education to graduate school and someday continue into academia
  • Daniela Delgado Alfonso
    Daniela Delgado Alfonso is a junior pursuing a BS in Biochemistry and a Mathematics minor. She plans to pursue a medical degree with the hope of becoming a radiologist. In her free time, she enjoys photographing nature and people.
  • James Vazquez
    James Vazquez is currently a senior pursuing a BS in Chemistry. He has a passion for the fundamentals of chemistry and is interested in understanding the underlying principles as to how different elements come together to create brand new emergent properties that are completely different from those of the individual elements. His current research interest lies in examining the metastability and thermal conductive properties of Rare-Earth Borides subjected to high pressures and temperatures. After graduating he hopes to become a pharmacist and, later down the line, apply the research he did in the lab within the pharmaceutical field.

  • Jose Ripley
    Jose is a senior pursuing a bachelor's in science for Biochemistry. He likes to push himself and his understanding of chemistry and biology to build a stronger base of knowledge. He always has the need to help others, and he wants to find a way to express that need through what he learns and studies. In his free time he enjoys practicing baseball and golf with his dad, exercising with his bother, and building 3D meshes that he hopes to lend as an asset for and indie video game project.
  • Dennis Horrigan
    Dennis Horrigan is senior pursuing a bachelors in Biochemistry. He is currently researching the behavior of organic molecules under high pressure conditions. He plans to continue his education with graduate school, and pursue research in sustainable manufacturing. 
  • Ethan Hall
    Ethan Hall is currently a junior in high school participating in a full-time dual-enrollment program at FIU. He has a passion for physics and chemistry and intends to major in Physics in college, starting Fall 2025. After college, Ethan plans to continue his education in graduate school, pursuing research in the field of physics and material science.