Undergraduate students

  • Nazanin Kazemiasl
    Nazanin Kazemiasl graduated with a BA in chemistry in 2023. During her time in her undergraduate career, her research areas included multi-anvil and diamond-anvil cell experiments of Rare-Earth borides. She is planning on starting pharmacy school in the fall of 2024 where she is looking forward to combining and implementing what she did in the lab into her new career. High pressure chemistry is used in the pharmaceutical industry to study the physical behavior of the molecular materials in pharmaceuticals. Inorganic chemistry is also used to study metals, transition metals, and metalloids that exhibit medicinal values. In addition, she enjoys working out and reading in her free time.
  • Kenan Hussaini
    Kenan Hussaini is from Damascus, Syria and he is a senior with a double major in Chemistry and Natural and Applied Sciences. He is excited for this interesting research opportunity as it will be his first lab experience involving high pressure and high/low temperature chemistry. He is thrilled to work along with his colleagues and see where this research takes them.
  • Bryan Ferro
    Bryan Ferro and his family is from Argentina and Cuba. He was born and raised in South Florida where he currently lives. He joined Dr. Chuvashova chemistry research group in May, 2022 at Florida International University in Miami while studying for a chemistry Bachelor's degree. He greatly enjoys studying science especially chemistry and aspire to become a professional chemist once he completes his undergraduate degree.
  • Daniela Calvachi Prieto
    Daniela Calvachi Prieto is from Bogota, Colombia, and she is currently pursuing a BS in Mechanical Engineer at FIU. She is also a flight instructor, and she has been teaching for more than three years; her interest in planes has opened her curiosity since she was a kid, and she wanted to complement her aviation education with engineering. The idea of working in the study of High Pressure and High/Low-temperature Chemistry is fascinating because it fits precisely where her goals are aiming, towards the creation and design of new materials for the aeronautic and aerospace industry.
  • Angela Bracho
    Angela Bracho is from Maracaibo, Venezuela. She is a senior, and her major is Biochemistry. I came to The United States at 17 years old, and she has been working hard to achieve a better future for herself and for her family. Since she was a child, she was really fascinated by the field of science, and she really enjoys studying and learning different aspects in this area. For her, science is the future. 

High-school interns 2022

  • Hannah Truong
    Hannah Truong is an upcoming senior at John A. Ferguson Senior High School and is planning to graduate with the class of 2023. With a strong love for chemistry and biology, Hannah aspires to uncover the mysteries of the world one discovery at a time. She believes that under Dr. Chuvashova's guidance in researching the creation of new functional materials due to extreme conditions will extend her knowledge, enabling her to learn and grow both personally and academically. Alongside the honour of working with the team, she is ready to tackle any obstacle and implement her experience to help others.
  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia attends TERRA Environmental Research Institute Class of 2023. He has always had an interest in the sciences and the world around us. Chemistry really caught his eye when he got a book of the periodic table of elements as a child and it has been his passion ever since.
  • Daisy Hernandez
    Daisy Hernandez is a senior at TERRA Environmental Research Institute Class of 2023. She has always been interested in the field of chemistry since she was in middle-school. Through Dr. Chuvashova's lab she is able to come to a greater understanding of the field that she aspires to continue working in. She is excited to work with like-minded people that will help her guide through the process. 

High-school interns 2023

  • Thalia Oliveros
    Thalia is going into her senior year of high school. She has a passion for science with chemistry being one of her favorite classes she's taken. She wants to major in Biochemistry and she hopes to go into the medical field either as a researcher or as a doctor.